Placeholder Image so I’m 16 my name is Destiny and I have ptsd and severe depression. It started after being molested starting ing kindergarten to third grade. I went to three different elementary schools and was always bullied no matter where I went.In middle school I was hoping things would change but I had only four friends one from second grade and the others I met in sixth grade.I was still severely bullied mostly because u lived in a motel since my family lost our house when I was ten and I was forced to stay in the office for break and lunch to stay safe.In eighth grade my two bestfriends who were freshman at the time had been murdered.My depression from here really started.during high school me and my other two friends drifted apart.I was also bullied this year two and had no friends. Sophmores year things changed my two friends came back and I met a two new friends named daisy and Taylor.We all except Taylor had depression and cut ourselves.About half way into sophomore year our friend had committed suicide Taylor had began to cut herself but learned quickly to stop and she hasn’t done it since but she still is depressed.Afrer this me daisy began counseling together then soon me and my friends Daisy and Sam had a counseling group every Tuesday after this ended I did individual counseling and Daisy got a new counselor.Things stayed like this for all of the rest of my sophomore year.Now I’m a junior and this year hasn’t gone well either it stated off really great me and Taylor were great and she introduced me to Anthony CJ And nick after becoming super close with Anthony we began dating he just kinda understood me because he had some mental issues and family problems to and he also was bullied I lost my virginity to him A few weeks later he dumped me and I lost my mind.I had attempted suicide multiple times a week and was sent to the hospital three times.I also began cutting a lot after being clean for a month this lasted a while and I haven’t stopped cutting since I relapsed.After the break up I lost one of my close friends CJ but me and Nick got super close and we are still friends.Although Daisy tegan and nick all moved they are some of my only friends now considering I lost all my friends after me and Anthony broke up.Currently I’m still in counseling and I’m trying to get myself in shape since I just had a nephew born two days ago on the sixteenth and I want to be the best role model o can be for him.Other than that I’m still really struggling with emotions and coping with my family and friends.i hope you maybe connected somewhat with this I’ll be blogging maybe 2-3 times a week and I’ll do some blogs more explains my past peice by peice so this whole paragraph makes more sense and the situations I brought up are more explained.


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