ok so the first story I want to talk about is when I was in kindergarten when I was molested and how that kinda kick started my depression. So I was in kindergarten I started when I was four and my brothers had a friend I’m not going to say his name for privacy purposes but will call him jess. So one day my brother took me to his friend jess’s house and I had asked to use the bathroom. He took me to the bathroom and then he walked in and shut the door I was slightly confused as to why he went in but since I was so little I dint think to much of it. He then proceeded to pull my pants down for me and touched me he said it was just a game and I shouldn’t tell anyone so not understanding what he was doing I didn’t say anything. He continues to do this at school till my brother found out because I asked if they played the “game” to and he said its not a game and not to let him do that.my brother then fought the boy and we were both expelled and sent to a different school. I got sent to this new school in the middle of my first grade year and I was picked on for being the new kid. Not long after Jess was sent to my new school where he proceeded to molest me I was scared of him and so since I feared being hurt I didn’t say anything by this time I was about 5 and a half or 6.my brother again found out when he seen me crying one night because I felt bad and like it was my fault my brother approached him the next day and hurt him even worse. We were both expelled again and my brother didn’t go to my new school because they didn’t send us back to school till the next year and he had started middle school while I started third grade. Without my brother there because I’m the youngest of five kids I was at another new school this time all alone. I again began to get bullied and this lead to me being very insecure which I still am very insecure. I never heard from jess again after going to my third school. Although some kids found out and they called me dirty and made fun of me for it happening and said I deserved it because I didn’t say anything which I didn’t know how to explain that I was just scared to say anything because I was cared of jess. So this lead up to my start of depression and anxiety from insecurity. So yeah that’s that story….


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