Ok so now that you know a small bit about me and how my depression started I’m gonna talk about being  bullied and how that added in to my depression. So I started getting bullied after I got transferred to my second school. Kids would say I was dirty for being molested and it was my fault or that I was different for some reason that I didn’t understand. Then at my next school I thought things would change I was also wrong about that things got worse I wasn’t just bullied about my past I was bullied about how I looked. I was a little chubby because I hadn’t grown into my body but all the other girls seemed to be skinnier than me and a lot prettier and apparently I’m not the only one that noticed so did every kid in school and I was called fat ugly and a lot of other creative names they came up with for me. After I turned ten my family lost our house and I lived in multiple different motels you can only imagine what kids said to me about that so I was bullied mentally scared and homeless I think you can see where this is going. By the time middle school started even the least popular kid in school was  ore popular than me. But… I did make three friends and I also got one of my friends from second grade back. I got use to the bulling eventually. So they got more creative and turned the mental abuse into physical abuse and threw rocks at me ever day. Then to make matters worse two of my only friends who were freshman at the time got murdered when I was in eight grade. Yeah I got picked on for that to kids are fucking brutal and cant just let a girl be even after her friends die. I got bullied all through high school but that’s fine I’m use to it now I’m a junior. I made a few more friends but they all moved away so I’m kinda friendless at school. Even teachers bullied me. This all lead up to me having full on depression, insecurity, anxiety and ptsd or at lest that’s all the shit my councilor says I have. So yeah that’s my bullying story.


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