Explaination of story time#3

ok so story time #3 was a bit long so let me just kinda sum it up.The main point was about Anthony because that was a very significant person in my life so I’ll just talk about him so you understand what actually happened.so pretty much we met October seventh and we just kinda clicked so we started texting everyday.during this time he made me promise I wouldn’t hurt myself or kill myself and I made him promise the same.so as me and him got closer and closer we stopped calling each other by our names and would only call eachother “bestfriend” so we were like really tight.Then after that we started cuddling a lot and get even closer and we called each other “cuddle buddies” so yeah  a lot of people noticed something was up.So we didn’t notice like at all and we thought everything was friendly and is cuddling was nothing and everybody was crazy Cus we were just friends.then eventually we admited we liked eachother and things went really fast and that same week we began dating.Things were great soon we became serious about eachother and we lost our virginities to each other. I didn’t know how to feel but he seemed not to think to much of it so i just kinda tried to act the same.Then things went back to normal and we just acted like a regular couple and only told one person what we did.So me and him were very close we’d been through a lot together and had invested a lot in out relationship so u could kinda see how attached I was to him Cus I loved him a lot like he was the first person I ever truly loved that way so it was really important to me.then I get a call from our friend Nick saying Anthony said he can’t do this anymore and he wants to be single yeah he had his friend dump me instead of him doing it that was just extra pain.sl yeah he left and all in one I lost my bestfriend and my boyfriend and I no longer had friends or a person to understand me or to talk to it was all just gone and I at this point can’t trust boys or men I just find it hard to do.so yeah that’s how that happened.



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